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Who We Are

Assuming you’ve got your finances in order and you’ve settled on the general area you’re going to build in, it’s time to find the right plot of land. Contact Samagi Real Estate and speak to one of our expert.

Samagi Real Estate is always having good understand about what to look for when dividing land to small plots. There are a lot of things to take into account when you’re choosing a plot. Some of them are only relevant in obscure circumstances, others may determine whether you can build at all. Many of these issues will be dealt with by builders, developers, solicitors or conveyancers, but it’s still worth understanding what’s involved. All our land plots will make a tremendous difference in your upcoming new home.

Why Choose Us

We are giving free services for selecting a property or house with in the secretary division of wennapuwa, dankotuwa, nattandiya and mahawewa. In addition we do not charge any extra charge for providing information.
We are giving fully financially support to meet the shortfall financial need to purchase a house or property
We will assist the customer for loan and other financially matter through the bank
Part or Full exchange house and land throw Idam Kadamadiaya